What We Do



The Asian Football Development Project (AFDP) is a not-for-profit Youth Commission founded in February 2012. We provide Asian football organizations and development organizations using football as a tool for social development with needs-based assistance.

The key pillars of AFDP are:

  • Youth education through organized football
  • Inclusion and empowerment of girls and women through football
  • Football for social development
  • Protection and innovation of the game
  • Fostering partnerships, networking, awareness and knowledge sharing.

Football in Asia is not as well organized as is could be – especially when it comes to grassroots, youth, and women’s football. With youth comprising 98% of the football players and 99.8% being amateur (according to FIFA), this is therefore a tremendous loss for football and social development. It is here we want to invest – at the basis of the pyramid where we can contribute to the creation of a lot of success stories in Asia in the near future.

The primary aspirations of AFDP are threefold:

  • To contribute and to promote social development through football
  • To establish regular grassroots and Youth activities for boys and girls aged 6 and above in all territories in Asia
  • To open new markets for business partners.

Working with local partners offers the effective solution as they provide knowledge of what is important and relevant for the communities in which they operate. AFDP therefore operates as a network organization connecting specific demands with Asian or international experts.