Application Criteria

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Who Can Apply?

click here To be eligible for our support you must be legally one of the following:

  • One of the 47 Asian national football associations
  • One of the four regional football associations of Asia
  • An affiliate (eg National League, club or academy) or partner of the two categories above
  • An NGO, international organization, or company based in Asia working with football as a tool for social development

What Type of Projects Does AFDP Support?

AFDP gives priority to supporting football development projects with a special focus on youth, women, and positive social impact – these include (but are not exhaustive):

  • Youth Education Programs

    Possible topics include: grassroots programs combined with government support; the introduction of new youth competitions; youth and grassroots coaching; ethical or life skills coaching of young players; youth and grassroots strategies; talent identification activities; management of academies; elaboration of a national technical syllabus; and provision of equipment, etc.

  • Women’s empowerment and inclusion through football

    Here priority will be given to: coaching at all levels (including elite); promotional campaigns and marketing for women’s football; women’s football strategic development; development of leagues and clubs; establishment of international tournaments; networking with clubs in other continents; talent scouting; management courses and organizing conferences; exchange programs; promotion of women’s representation in football entities; delivery of coaching and education material; and ambassador visits and services, etc.

  • Football for development

    All kinds of projects improving health and education, fostering integration and inclusion, improving crime prevention, road safety and nutrition as well as establish safe spaces for children to play. We also support resilience programs, provide trauma treatment trough football, and support activity programs for refugees. Additionally we support the elaboration of “Football for Development” policy and strategy and establishment of a department; networking with NGOs, private sector and international partners; coaching and advocacy programs with national players; and linking CSR to competitions.

  • Protection of, and innovation in, the game

    We will give priority to helping football organizations open up new football sectors to enhance their reach and positive impact, and the use of new tools, methodology or technology to improve the game both on a regional and global level.

  • Fostering partnerships, networking, awareness and knowledge sharing

    We would also like to encourage: mentoring relationships with UEFA and other Confederations; scholarships to recognized diploma courses in football; and increased recognition and collaboration with partners who can make a serious and positive impact on football in Asia and globally.

best place to buy pfizer female viagra Excluded from this specification are projects aiming at receiving purely financial support. AFDP will provide up to 50% of the total cost of the project.

Geographic region:

Asia as defined by the countries comprising the Asian Football Confederation.

Project details:

  • Emphasis on novel, unconventional ideas
  • Term of 6 to 24 months – or with ability to demonstrate significant football and long-term social impact, a one-off event is also feasible
  • Funding up to USD 50,000
  • AFDP also has a special program which supports beneficiaries through the provision of footballs. A minimum of 100 footballs may be applied for

How To Apply

Proposals must be submitted in English and must use the standard AFDP Application Forms which can be downloaded from this section of our website (

Organizations requesting footballs should use the AFDP Ball Request Form and those applying for funding and other support should use the go to site AFDP Project Application Form.

All proposals must be e-mailed electronically to

Receipt of all project proposals will be acknowledged within 5 days of submission.

Projects will then undergo a thorough, multi-step, expert review managed by the AFDP Management Team.

Approved proposals will then be forwarded to the AFDP Board of Directors for approval or decline – the point at which the Management Team can advise you as to the success of your proposal.

If you are successful, AFDP will require you to sign a legally abiding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) detailing both your rights and obligations as a beneficiary of AFDP.

Selection Process

As previously mentioned all applications will be assessed according to the specified criteria and to a defined process (Management evaluation, AFDP Board, external experts if needed, and finally consultation with AFDP’s Official Partners).

Applications not coming from national football associations of Asia or regional federations will be discussed with the respective football authority of the country. We will look to involve them in projects either as a supervisory body or co-implementer.

Recommendations will be provided to the AFDP Board who will ultimately approve funding during its official sessions in March, June and October and December, and on an ad hoc basis as required.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent one month after the board meetings at the latest.

Selection Criteria

What will make a difference in getting your proposal supported?

  • Topic relevance and responsiveness – how well does the proposal address a key need within the football community in the country or region?
  • Innovative, state-of-the art approach – how well does the proposal provide ‘out-of-the-box’ or value added?
  • Feasibility – are goals and milestones clearly defined and achievable? Is there a clear structure on the part of the applicant, and is there scale-up potential that provides a clear path for further support?

Continued AFDP Support

All AFDP projects will provide a quarterly and annual report until the project is completed. We may at that point then consider to extend funding if a project is considered promising and can guarantee self sustainability in the near future.

A project is considered promising for AFDP longer term funding consideration if:

  • The project idea has potential for success
  • The achievement of milestones can be presented
  • The organization demonstrates it has sufficient competencies to execute the project
  • Local partners are included and are motivated for continuation of the project
  • The project outlook fits into long-term strategic vision of continental or regional football bodies

Further Information

All applicants are encouraged to consult the AFDP webpage prior to proposal submission.

For further information, please contact or +962 799 489487.